Being the always-on, well-read advisers that you are (you’re here on our blog after all, so you must have discerning taste), there is every chance you would have noticed us in the financial press speaking about our bid to make Advicefront software more affordable. 

Our main driver is to help IFAs reduce the time they spend on seemingly never-ending streams of client admin – a memory that still haunts the former advisers (shout out to my Advicefront co-founder José) on our team! 

Thus, we made Onboard, the product which arguably saves our users the most-time, almost 50% cheaper than it was, primarily to make it easier for smaller firms to adopt. We also made our Core software free for Onboard users. José and I started Advicefront from scratch because we knew that advisers generally wanted to spend more quality time in front of their clients, finding out about how they want to spend their money; instead of doing arduous tasks like rekeying information. However, controlling operating costs has also been a recurring nightmare for many firms.  

During the process of starting the company, we went through many a change in direction and pulled more than enough all-nighters to understand first-hand what founders go through in the bootstrap stage, adding to our perspectives as former advisers and developers. Lowering our price while constantly releasing new improved versions, is just another way we can show empathy to IFAs and larger firms who are forced to constantly reduce costs just to survive.   

Big wins for us as founders (another shout out to our 2018 fundraiser, which netted us over £1.3m), would just not have happened if advisers hadn’t genuinely championed us. We’d rather give more IFAs the chance to do the same, instead of following convention, getting cocky and hiking prices instead of lowering them – which is probably the one thing our clients would appreciate the most.

New pricing details   

Onboard has been reduced from £99 per month, per user (plus a paraplanner) to £49 per user and allows firms to do things like fact-finds, risk-assessments and document signing, plus lots more.

Advicefront Core is now free with Onboard and includes secure messaging and a client portal among other features. 

Curious about how Advicefront will work with your current systems? We’re confident our Onboard and Plan software will save you time and make things run that bit smoother. To demo Advicefront free for 30 days (no card required), click here