Over the last 5 months, and following our CTO’s post on this subject, we’ve been working to improve Advicefront’s design in an effort to build a better, more comprehensive and easy-on-the-eye experience to all our users.

This new system is the result of extensive research looking to create the foundation for the future of financial advice. A future that is connected, integrated, open, but above all, human and advice-centric.

Representation of a display with the new design from Advicefront
Mood board for the new Advicefront UI Design with some photos and a lot of purple in it
Multiple views for the Onboard Module
Onboard view on a laptop and smartphone
  • Computer displaying Client Activity on Advicefront
  • iPhone showing Client Agreement on Advicefront
  • Laptop and iPhone displaying Client Fact-find on Advicefront

Right now, this is only available for beta users, if you’re looking to become one reach us out and we’ll talk about it.

UPDATE: now available to everyone! 😄