As business owners, we can get precious about our ‘children’, or products. It’s a common issue across industries, a possessive feeling endured by entrepreneurs in every field, from the arts to finance. There is little to be gained, however, from pretending your customers have been saving themselves for you, merely whiling away the hours until your baby, your hero product, your very-own creation, leaves beta testing and finds its way onto their app list. Or, so the rest of the Advicefront team keep trying to tell me. 

Just kidding! I’m all for warm and fuzzy sharing, paired with a fair dose of realism, even if that means accepting that advisers probably used other software to make their jobs easier before trying Onboard or Plan. With that in mind, we were keen to develop tools that worked alongside most existing set-ups, because nobody likes change for change’s sake. We create useful stuff but integrations are a certain step in creating that usefulness.

So, here’s some of you fellow entrepreneurs and finance geeks extolling the virtues, using or “reflecting on” your (other) favourite apps ((clears throat)) — all of which make up the integrations list of Advicefront:


Cashcalc allows you to create detailed cash flow plans for your clients in just a few minutes. Outputs are refreshingly straightforward, making it easy to understand and engaging for your clients.


FinaMetrica offers risk-tolerance measurement tools for financial institutions, professional advisers, and the consuming public.

Oxford Risk

Oxford Risk provides Investor risk profiling, covering their risk profile, tolerance, capacity and suitability. Developed with the University of Oxford.


Stripe is the best way to accept payments online. Stripe aims to expand internet commerce by making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business.


Now imagine having your clients pay you quickly and frills-free. GoCardless makes it easy to accept recurring payments online by unifying the world’s Direct Debit networks, simplifying them, and opening up access to everyone.


Need another place to get notifications on your clients’ activity, besides the Advicefront system? Slack brings all your firm’s communication together, keeping it organized and accessible. Get notified whenever a client changes their information about their contractual status, investment plans and goals. 

Curious about how Advicefront will work with your current systems? Have a look at our complete list of integrations.

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
This article was written with the help of our friends at Foco