Podcasts are booming in the UK, with nearly six million adults now tuning in each week, according to a recent Ofcom survey

The number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years – from 3.2m in 2013 to 5.9m in 2018. The increase is across all age groups, but the steepest growth is now among young adults aged 15-24 – with around one in five now listening to podcasts every week. 

Almost everyone here at Advicefront loves this medium – it is deeply personal, non-intrusive and convenient. Even the adverts are fun!

So, as addicts, we thought we’d celebrate International Podcast Day by sharing with you our four favourite finance podcasts. 

Business and economics

Wake Up To Money

Like millions of Britons and several recent Prime Ministers, we like to wake up to Wake Up To Money. Not strictly a podcast, as it’s chiefly a BBC Radio Five Live programme, but we’re including it here because it’s actually broadcast live at some extreme pre-dawn hour (ed – 5.15am, actually). This makes the daily podcast, available from the more civil hour of 7am, a must.

Anyone who wants their finances to be fun but not frivolous should listen to this daily 30 minute programme. Presenters Mickey Clark and Louise Cooper are a breath of fresh air and Rico Hizon in Singapore is just a joy. This is the show for anyone looking for a briefing on what’s coming up in the next 24 hours.

Personal Finance

FT Money Show 

At the risk of stating the obvious, you’ll like the FT Money Show if you like the FT! This is the podcast for those who are interested in the policy and politics behind the week’s personal finance news. It was, for a long time, presented by former personal finance editor Jonathan Eley, whose knowledge of property, pensions and investing is second-to-none.

Claer Barrett has now taken the reins and is an authoritative and entertaining anchor with Lucy Warwick-Ching producing expertly. Released weekly, every Thursday.


Investors Chronicle

It’s all about the presenting again and IC editor John Hughman is a natural. This weekly show comprises some really decent discussions and analysis on what sectors and companies are about to do well and why.

What makes this show compelling is the stellar stable of experts that IC has on tap in the shape of its staff writers. And you’ll get the best news and views across the asset classes, not just equities. So, there’s no need for outsider guests. If you’re interested in funds and personal finance topics beyond investing, it’s well worth also trying out the IC Personal Finance podcast with Leonora Walters.

Warning: this podcast is highly likely to cost you £155 (it’s so good, you’ll want to subscribe to the website).

Wealth Management / Financial Planning

Brewin Dolphin

Brewin, the London-based wealth manager, was one of the first finance businesses to get into podcasting back in 2016.

Co-presenters Ben Gutteridge, Brewin’s research director, and Guy Foster, head of research, are actually doing real finance jobs in the City of London! This makes them pretty well connected and, if you look at the list of interviewees they’ve had in over two years, this much is obvious. Big names in investment like Nick Train, Neil Woodford (before his difficulties!), and Terry Smith have provided fascinating insights in the global economy and their own investing philosophies. Other weighty guests have included Sir Vince Cable, Richard Murphy and Stephanie Flanders.

This is the go-to podcast if you’re interested in the views of the most talented investment managers currently working in the UK.

Which ones have we missed?