Consider this message as a step forward on our journey, not a hate post on Internet Explorer (IE). Dropping the support for IE is inevitable. However, we firmly believe everyone should follow and help improve the web we all love and enjoy.

Microsoft changed their focus towards their new browser, Edge. So, our question relies on – “Why should we support a legacy browser and compromise on security, performance, usability, and accessibility?”.

The arguments presented by teams that are still running through Internet Explorer are no longer valid.

It is 2021! Several browsers are effectively more capable than IE. Using an unsupported browser increases the threats. So, we will not invest time in something that has no future as a browser.

At Advicefront, we’re working to deliver unique experiences to our users. Supporting Interner Explorer is a constraint on that vision. It takes time to do it effectively, so much that we would either deliver a bad experience to IE users or, to speed things up, deliver a bad experience to everyone.

We’re not up for this! Even Microsoft is telling their users to do so:

Internet Explorer, we appreciate you and what you provide us in your era, but now it’s time to move on!

Let us know if you have any questions about other browser options or need any help.

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