In response to the widespread necessity of homeworking during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to waive the cost of all paid licences for the entire financial advice community, whether they are existing users of our Onboard software or are yet to try it. Specifically, this looks like:

  • Helping out existing customers by automatically waiving the cost of their paid licences until 30 June, 2020
  • Allowing existing customers to invite all members of their firm to use Onboard, for free, until 30 June, 2020
  • Offering new users and their staff free Onboard licences until 30 June, 2020. 

During this global health crisis, we are continuing to let our core values guide decision-making at Advicefront. The discussions we’ve been having over the last few days, which no doubt mirror your own, have included debates on how best to prioritise the wellbeing of our team, figuring out remote working practicalities and the most useful ways in which we can support IFAs.

Like our users, we believe everyone should have access to high quality financial advice and that advisers should have the best tools, which allow them to do their jobs from anywhere in the world securely, efficiently and collaboratively. 

A company borne out of the frustrations felt by a former IFA (that’s me 😉), we acknowledge the value of face-to-face advice, whilst working our hardest to make the essential triage and admin parts of the job as quick and painless as possible. During the Coronavirus quarantines and self-isolations of course, face-to-face appointments will be deferred and that’s where we can help keep productivity high by helping you to integrate with other software that you’re using, conduct fact-finds and risk profiling, collect digital signatures and payments, store documents securely and collaborate with clients via free licences during the pandemic. 

We hope that this fee waiver will enable your entire team and not just the users already paying for access to Advicefront, to collaborate efficiently from the safety of their homes.

If you’re an existing client, your fees will be waived and you can add an unlimited number of additional licences by logging into your online account, for free until 30 June, 2020. New clients who would like to try Advicefront during this period where remote work will be the norm should drop us an email at: or go to our online chat at to request an unlimited number of licences for their firm.