Our strategy of building what you say is important isn’t really rocket science (despite the liberal use of the rocket emoji), but it does make writing these product updates a breeze.

(1) Group chats

Every time a conversation is started,  paraplanners connected to the adviser will be added too. Because you’ve got better ways to spend your day than playing email tag. We hope.

 (2) New document, new notification

Now, as soon as your client shares a new document with you, you’ll know about it (via a notification in Advicefront and an email). So no need to check if they’ve uploaded that important document. Put your feet up and let the notifications roll in. Your clients will also be notified if you share a document with them.

And while we were here: we added a max file size of 64Mb. We also added support for zip, video, audio, PowerPoint, text (txt, rtf, csv) and Gifs (in addition to the usual PDF, Word, Excel, jpeg and png) 

(3) Intelligent Office support for paraplanners and admins

The biggest single piece of feedback from our recent IO integration was that paraplanners and admins were unable to export clients. Well, now they can!

 (4) Other updates


GoCardless decided to make some updates. So we followed suit. On the plus side it’s now more reliable.


Performance improvements
If our engineers could be any animal, they’d be a fast one. They apply a similar criteria to technology.


Security updates
We’ve made a couple of upgrades that have kept us ahead of potential threats.


Bug fixes
We couldn’t squash them all, but we had a pretty good go. Thanks for your help spotting them.

Finally, if you haven’t seen the Advicefront platform in action yet, the above may not have made a whole lot of sense. Our demo video should help with that:

And if there’s anything else at all I can help you out with, please reach out directly.

Onwards and upwards.