Calling all paraplanners and advisers: help us with our three-minute survey!

Advicefront is on a mission to eradicate waste, but we need your help!

Here’s the problem, we suspect hundreds – if not thousands – of hours are lost every week to admin tasks that should be done automatically, causing misery to advisers and paraplanners everywhere who would much rather be doing something far more valuable with their time. 

Before we make the case for that, we want to find out exactly how much your time is worth, in monetary value. If you’ve got a spare three minutes, please take the time to answer our survey!

For updates on the results of the survey, or to sign up for our newsletter, please leave us your email address.


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Maria Marques

Maria Marques

Former Head of Marketing at Advicefront. Passionate about branding and advertising. Hoping to create emotional connections between brands and people.

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