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8 August 2018

Over the last 5 months, and following our CTO’s post on this subject, we’ve been working to improve Advicefront’s design in an effort to build a better, more comprehensive and easy-on-the-eye experience to all our users.

This new system is the result of extensive research looking to create the foundation for the future of financial advice. A future that is connected, integrated, open, but above all, human and advice-centric.

Adviser View Design

Welcome our new and responsive design — not only desktop but mobile and tablet-friendly system.

UI New Design

Efficiency, less complexity AND beautiful interfaces in financial advice? The world must be changing indeed. At least we try for it to do so. This UI revamp on the system includes messages and alerts, how you view your client list, among many other changes. With this, we hope our product can be a better helper to all advisers throughout the experience so they can achieve even greater outcomes.

purple combines the calm stability of blue and fierce energy of red. Also represents meanings of wealth, creativity, wisdom, luxury, power and ambition.

Representation of a display with the new design from Advicefront
Mood board for the new Advicefront UI Design with some photos and a lot of purple in it
Multiple views for the Onboard Module
Onboard view on a laptop and smartphone

  • Access your clients’ info in one place

    Including documents — now divided by folders: a) ‘uploaded documents’ and b) ‘automatically-generated’. Automatically-generated folders are a result of attachments to specific surveys, processes or tasks — for eg., with each document you attach to your client’s fact-find, a folder named “Fact-find” will be created containing all attachments from that client.

  • Navigation experience related to the same client

    The information you’ll see when navigating through the system will always relate to the same client — whether you’re using Onboard, other modules or all of these at the same time. All you have to do is return to your Client List to view other clients’ profile.

  • Vertical Navigation

    The primary menu will be divided into modules, each with secondary menus showing all processes and documents related to each tool. This menu will also have a “collapse” option you can use when you feel more comfortable and tech-savvy about our system. All menus will be shown by priority order.

  • More visible breadcrumbs

    Navigation has improved to let you know, at all times, where you are on the system. Breadcrumbs are the path you follow when you go further into one related piece of information — for e.g., Client Name > Profile Information > Fact-find.

  • Two-way Integrations

    You can both export to and import from CashCalc, Voyant (and others), making it even easier to work with current clients and to access their information on our systems. This is just the beginning though.

  • Fact-find revamp

    Our main goal was to tackle our Fact-find’s confusing navigation for good. Not only is the overall experience better, the copy is now personalised to the user who’s viewing the info (adviser or client). One other improvement is the flow of the fact-find: we made it feel like a step-by-step process to both advisers and clients. Also, we’ve eliminated the confusion over ‘Add Notes’ — they really are notes you can add to sections on the survey, not conversations.

Right now, this is only available for beta users, if you’re looking to become one reach us out and we’ll talk about it.

Angela Miguel
Angela Miguel

Head of Design at Advicefront

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