Four top financial planning communities to network online

Online professional networks can be rich in tips and information that can help us run our businesses. Websites like LinkedIn offer invaluable peer-to-peer resources on personal development, marketing, finance, HR and much more. And, let’s face it, sometimes those communities are just a good place to have a moan about the world with like-minded professionals. […]

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Signed, sealed, delivered: Wet signatures vs e-signatures

A client adviser relationship always starts with a signature. Building and maintaining that relationship may take years afterwards and it’s key to the success of the adviser’s business as well as their reputation. But that challenging and rewarding process needs a name on the dotted line. And for the client, signing that agreement, which is […]

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How to use social media compliantly

We all know social media gives us access to a vast audience at our fingertips. As a financial adviser, you might use the medium to be closer to your clients and connect with them using tools they’re familiar with. However, in such a regulated industry, finding the balance between showcasing your business’ human side while […]

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Flexible Working: How to retain staff and talent

It’s 4pm, and your staff are shifting around in their seats. If it turns out they are simply worried about how late they can leave before getting stuck in traffic, or crammed into public transport, it might be time to consider flexible working. Freedom outside the office There are many terms that fit under this […]

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Four ways to demonstrate value to clients

Retaining clients is the most important thing an adviser can focus on, because without clients there is no business. It sounds obvious, but then again advisers and staff can spend so much time on paperwork and the small print that they risk losing focus on the larger picture – demonstrating consistent value to clients and […]

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Good feeling: Why user experience matters

If you’re a fan of Apple, no doubt you’ll have heard of the words ‘user experience’ or ‘UX’ for short, being bandied about when people talk about design. What does it actually mean? What’s it all about? For starters, ‘user experience’ is nothing new. It’s been all around us since we started to develop ourselves as […]

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How to schedule a product demo

If you’ve stumbled upon this article you’re most likely browsing ways to schedule a demo to gain in-depth knowledge on our offer and understand how it fits with your business’ needs. Close enough? Even if you’re not looking to replace your current system and we’ve still managed to pique curiosity, you should definitely get in […]

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