One day you’ll sell your business – that’s when your tech will really count

You will often hear people in adviser technology (like me!) expounding on the efficiencies and consistencies that good software can usher into a financial planning business. It can take care of all the boring and time-consuming admin and regulatory tasks that prevent you and your colleagues spending quality time with clients. But there is another […]

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Solving those recurring client concerns

If the financial adviser community had to name its influencer de rigueur, it would probably be Chris Budd. Budd’s commentary on all things pertaining to ‘Financial Wellbeing’ (‘The Financial Wellbeing Book’ is the title of one of his books), humorous Twitter quips and business process improvement nous make him a viable candidate. Budd posed a […]

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Is artificial intelligence a threat to financial advisers?

The machines are taking over, we are told. Huge advances in artificial intelligence in recent years means robots will soon be driving our cars, flying our planes and cleaning our homes. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the consultancy, artificial intelligence-powered machines will take 800 million jobs worldwide by 2030. The question people like me want […]

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How financial planners spend their time

There’s growing evidence that financial planners are wilting under the heat of time-consuming processes that could be automated and executed by technology in a fraction of the time. Take this recent Twitter poll by public speaker, author and FinalytiQ founder Abraham Okusanya. Okay, it’s just Twitter but 128 respondents is significant and they have sent […]

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The surreal regulations that get financial planners in a rage

Pablo Picasso, the celebrated Spanish painter and pioneer of the Cubist movement, had this advice: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Señor Picasso might have thought again, one suspects, had he come across the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Because Britain’s financial services regulator is almost always unimpressed […]

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